Wonder is what we’re born with. Worry is what we learn.

Now is the time to Choose Wonder.

In every moment of every day, we have a choice: we can see ourselves and our situations through the lens of Worry or Wonder.

Ready to Choose Wonder Over Worry?


Which will you choose?


Worry is the voice of our inner critic.
It’s the nagging voice inside our mind that judges our self-worth, talents, and gifts. 

When we choose Worry,
we hesitate and stifle our potential.


Wonder is the voice of our inner guide.
It's the empowering inner voice urging us to be who we are and pursue what matters.

When we choose Wonder,
we move toward our Truest Truth.


In every moment of every day, we have a choice: Worry or Wonder. Which will you choose?


How One Choice
Can Change Everything

When we come from wonder, we open doors of possibility where they previously did not exist.

The moment you feel yourself hesitating, holding back, or getting trapped by worry and fear, pause and choose 1% more wonder.


Trapped in envy or comparison?

See your envy as a sign of inspiration, and then wonder about your next right move.


Afraid what someone will think?

Stop and wonder about what feels true to you think, and then act accordingly.


Pissed off?

See your anger as signal that “something isn’t right here,” and wonder how you can act upon, rather than act out your rage.


Judging others?

What you see in them is what is unresolved in you. Wonder about how they are a teacher for you.


Experiencing a shame attack?

Notice where you’re personalizing your experiences, and wonder where you’re turning “I made a mistake” into “I’m a mistake.” (You’re always worthy, no matter what.)


Not all worry is bad

There are two kinds of worry – useful worry and toxic worry.


Worry is useful when it’s within our control, a real possibility, and something we can act on right away.


Worry is toxic when it’s beyond our control, and research shows we spend an average of 80% of our time here.


The art of choosing wonder

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Ready to choose wonder over worry?


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