How do we unlock our Full potential?

Amber Rae guides audiences to accept all of their emotions — even the messy, difficult ones — as the path to living wise and wondrous lives.

“Amber Rae is the Brené Brown of Wonder” — Mind Body Green


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You're one choice away from your fullest life.

In every moment, we can choose to listen to the muse of Wonder over the anxieties of Worry. Possibilities await us at every turn when we trust the voice of Wonder.


Your audience will learn how to:


Cultivate a “Wonder Mindset” as a path to self-discovery and growth.


Learn from uncomfortable emotions rather than silence them.


Master rituals and practices for living and creating beyond fear.


Navigate any mess with the 3 C's: curiosity, courage & compassion.


Wild Truth-telling meets Permission Slip.

Combining raw and relatable stories, actionable advice, compelling research, and interactive exercises, Amber will get raw, go deep, and even guide you through a "Wondervention" live—if you dare.


"The Elizabeth Gilbert of her generation."
— Stacy London

"Amber Rae is calming and electrifying. She’s living her truth, and she desperately wants the same for you, too."
— Valerie Biberaj, Kate Spade and Company Foundation

"Amber Rae offers inspiring insights and lessons for anyone wanting to unfold their infinite potential."
— Deepak Chopra

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