Amber Rae

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Amber Rae

Author & Creator

What's your story?

It started with one thought: This isn’t my life. This is someone else’s life, which led to one question: What if I quit my job, sold everything, and set out to discover who I truly am? 

A quiet voice within me whispered YES, and thus began the most wild and wondrous adventure of my life.

From having -$3.47 in my bank account to launching six best-selling books with Seth Godin, from joining companies for all the wrong reasons to having passion projects hit the front page of The New York Times, from drowning in fear and doubt and heartbreak and shame to learning how to make friends with my emotions, from starting a blog to process my feelings (and thinking no one would read) to reaching over 5MM people in the process… my story is living proof that curiosities are meant to be followed. 

What is one way you Choose Wonder?

When worry, fear, or anxiety arises, I pause, take a deep breath, and name what I’m feeling. It helps me stay centered, so I don’t fall into the rabbit hole of toxic worry. Then, I get curious about where the worry is coming from and what it's wanting to teach me.

What is your relationship to wonder?

At this point, we’re besties. I journal with her every morning to see where her curiosities are pointing, and where we can take this mission. She’s my go-to guide and source of inspiration.

What is your relationship to worry?

Worry used to be an enemy that I was in constant battle with, trying to push away and kill off. Today, I hear out Worry’s concerns and see them as a protective kind of love, but I don’t let him run my life.

What worry do you find recurring in your life?

Enough-ness is a big one. Is this good enough? Am I doing enough?

What is a worry you’ve had today?

I got caught up in a moment of excitement and committed too soon, without having enough information. I caught myself in the moment, and wondered, “How can I course correct?” Then, I acknowledged my mistake and asked more questions to see if it was truly aligned.

What is an example of a time you chose Wonder Over Worry?

Writing this book and creating this movement! (Even calling this a “movement” had my Worry voice creep up and say, “Please. Who are you to call this a movement?!”) For years, I hesitated and worried I wasn’t ready or good enough. Choosing Wonder encourages me to keep taking action in the face of discomfort and fear.

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