Beverly Dawn



Beverly Dawn

WonderStream Designer

What is one way you Choose Wonder?

When worry, fear, or anxiety arises, I pause, take a deep breath, and name what I’m feeling. It helps me stay centered, so I don’t fall into the rabbit hole of toxic worry. Then, I get curious about where the worry is coming from.

What is your relationship to wonder?

At this point, we’re besties. I journal with her every morning to see where her curiosities are pointing, and where we can take this mission. She’s my go-to guide and source of inspiration.

What is your relationship to worry?

Worry used to be an enemy that I was in constant battle with, trying to push away and kill off. Today, I hear out Worry’s concerns and see them as a protective kind of love, but I don’t let him run my life.

What worry do you find recurring in your life?

Enough-ness is a big one. Is this good enough? Am I doing enough?

What is a worry you’ve had today?

I got caught up in a moment of excitement and committed too soon, without having enough information. I caught myself in the moment, and wondered, “How can I course correct?” Then, I acknowledged my mistake and asked more questions to see if it was truly aligned.

What is an example of a time you chose Wonder Over Worry?

Writing this book and creating this movement! (Even calling this a “movement” had my Worry voice creep up and say, “Please. Who are you to call this a movement?!”) For years, I hesitated and worried I wasn’t ready or good enough. Choosing Wonder encourages me to keep taking action in the face of discomfort and fear.

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