Jordan Short



Jordan Short

Web + Visual Designer

My passion is using design to help people embrace wonder and tell the most creative story they can.

What is your role on the team?

I design beautiful things and consult on visual storytelling.

What is one way you Choose Wonder?

Lately, I’m learning to choose to enjoy (and live fully in) the present.

What is your relationship to Wonder?

I’m learning to listen to her more and to let go of the worry that’s been creeping around my psyche all my life.

What is your relationship to Worry?

See above.

What worry do you find recurring in your life?

The worry of being enough.

What is a worry you’ve had today?


What is an example of a time you Chose Wonder Over Worry?

Every day, I see the wonder in my 1-year-old son’s eyes as he’s experiencing the world with new eyes and it reminds me to open myself to that same wonder.

Jordan Short