Tony Bacigalupo

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Tony Bacigalupo

Community Lead

What is your role on the team?

I’m in charge of developing the Wonder Circles program, where people anywhere can join or start a small local group of people to work together in practicing choosing wonder over worry.

What is one way you choose wonder?

Whenever I catch myself thinking about what could go wrong, I try to stop and say: “so what if it does? Must I let that stop me? How else might I look at this?”

What is your relationship to wonder?

Wonder is like the friend who always makes me feel awesome whenever I’m around them. I want to be around that friend as much as possible 🙂

What is your relationship to worry?

Worry’s like an old member of the family who comes and hangs out at the house all the time. I still love him, but sometimes he hangs around and takes up more of my energy than I’d like. I don’t want to kick him out; I just want to… work with him.

What worry do you find recurring in your life?

That whatever I’m doing is not enough! Gosh, what a cliché response, right? I should be able to come up with something bett… ahh there it goes again!

What is a worry you’ve had today?

That I won’t be able to get anyone to come to the pilot event I’m testing out for Wonder Circles, despite having organized hundreds of events over the years!

What is an example of a time you chose Wonder Over Worry?

I was recently working on a proposal for a client. While I might normally have worried about how to impress them, I practiced shifting into a mindset of wondering what fun I could have as a result of working with them. I went on to make a presentation that I’m damn proud of and had a great time making.

Even if I don’t get that project, now I have a really awesome document I’ve already started repurposing for other things!

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